Welcome to Savannah Commons!

We are a neighborhood of townhomes and houses located off DD hwy in southeast Warrensburg, MO. We have a community pool and clubhouse. Lawn care is included as a part of HOA dues. We are conveniently located near Warrensburg High School, and minutes away from downtown Warrensburg and Whiteman AFB. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at info@savannahcommonswb.com.


  • What do the HOA dues cover? - All items are listed throughout the covenants and restrictions specifically but to summarize: Road maintenance and repair, lawn care, pool maintenance, repair and upkeep, trash removal, road snow removal, maintenance and upkeep for the clubhouse, operating expenses, and insurance.
  • When is trash day? - Every Tuesday morning. See link above for Holiday schedule.
  • Whats the speed limit? - 15 mph.
  • How do I get into the pool? - You will get an access code when you move in, you can use that to get into the pool.
  • Where can I park? - You can park in designated parking areas around the neighborhood, and the east side of Aubreis Way. No other parking is allowed, violaters will be towed at owner's expense.
  • How often are meetings? - Meetings are held at least once a year to cover budgets, and might have more if needed throughout the year.
  • How do I report lawn care damage to my property? - Contact the President at president@savannahcommonswb.com with photos and information about the damage and they will escalate the issue.
  • How do I rent the clubhouse? - A deposit check for $250 will be held by the HOA, if there is no damage the check will be returned. There is also a $25 check that goes for paying for new equipment for the pool and clubhouse. Please email secretary@savannahcommonswb.com to inquire. (There are limits and restrictions on what days it can be rented out)

Pool Events

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